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Husband and Wife owned traveling skateboard shop; currently on the road. Doing it all out of our '88 chevy airforce truck. Follow us on our journey!

Caravan Skate

Mobile Skate Shop

We are a small mobile skateboard shop owned by a happy young couple by the names of Jeremy & Abbey. The shop is run out of a 1988 Air Force Van.

We left Seattle (where we started it) about 6 months ago. So far, we have hit over 116 skateparks. We have traveled through 10 northern and midwest states, and it has NOT been easy. But we have heart, so we've gotten this far! We have made our way selling skate supplies, and spreading the word of skateboarding and youth positivity; throughout our travels. We do our best to promote proper safety measures, and to discourage drug use and give a positive role model to the youth we meet.

We're very proud of our affiliation with a national nonprofit known as SKATE FOR CHANGE, headed by our good friend Mike Smith. As traveling S4C ambassadors, we travel from city to city, and do homeless outreach on our skateboards as we go. Food, clothing, and hygeine are all passed out to them, in bags that we put together with what we have.

Our end goal is to make it to the East Coast...stay there for a bit, revamp the truck...and to bring it back NEXT year, this time to the south west.

We want to see landmarks, and make amazing memories along the way. We intended on relying solely on marketing, sales, donations, and odd jobs.

We are also running 20% biodiesel and plan to convert it entirely, with all funds permitted. We hope you can enjoy our idea, as much as others seem to.

All gofundme proceeds go into helping us reach our goals, and keeping us on the road, and enabling us to do youth and homeless outreach everywhere! We couldnt do it without people like you guys! Thank you!

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